No matter how good we are driving a car. There will still be a time that we will meet or be part of the accident. From this experience, we will learn more things and be able to realize some of the mistakes that you have done before. There could be hundreds of road accidents every month in one city especially in a big city. Some of the common reasons are they fell asleep while driving, they are drunk, they didn’t control the car’s manual maneuver and many more. Even you have the greatest score or grade when it comes to driving. The toronto driving school said that it will still be based on the characteristics and how you drive your car so well in times that there is an emergency or traffic. There are many solutions in order not to create accidents on the road. One of these is to pay attention always to your driving. Don’t change your focus. Don’t let other things distract you from driving. If you are not that capable enough to drive a big vehicle then you need more time practice it. Remember that you have to be used to it first before you hit the road. That is the most important thing that you need to do. Aside from that, here are some of the few reminders that you need to pay attention and think next time.  


  • Most of the women need more time to finish their personal stuff to themselves. Including to that is choosing the clothes that they are going to wear. Most of the women especially for those who are going to work and prepare for their day. They would tend to make themselves beautiful. So, they will apply makeups. For most of the women, they would spend so much time to do this because they want to make themselves beautiful. If they have limited time, there would be a tendency that they will do it while driving or while they are stuck in a traffic. The solution here is that you just bring your personal make up kits and do this after you reach or arrive to your office or work place. It would be safe this way than doing it while driving. Except, if you are not the one driving the car.  
  • Secure your things that they won’t move while you are driving or close the bag to make sure that nothing will fall down from there. There would be a big possibility that we you experience bumpy road those things would also shake and might fall down. You will be more conscious that you want to get and reach it and put it back to its place which could not be good because you will be out of your focus.  
  • Wear your seatbelts every time that you will be driving the car. Even you are with another person or passenger. You have to tell them to wear the belt. This will be a good protection incase collision.